History & Realization

A Global Wellness Institute Initiative

Wellness Evidence is an initiative of the Global Wellness Institute (GWI), a collaborative think-tank for wellness-related industries worldwide.

The GWI supports companies, governments, policy-makers and the medical establishment in their quest to positively impact global health and wellness through research, education and the championing of disease prevention, stress reduction and the enhancement of overall quality of life for all.

The GWI’s mission: to shape and grow the vast $2 trillion, multi-sector wellness industry; provide an international forum for dialogue and problem-solving among public and private sector leaders in the wellness space; and underwrite needed research that benchmarks and analyzes this complex industry, and that can quantify both its economic and human impact.

Realization & Technology

The Wellness Evidence portal was realized by SelfOptima, a leader in developing technology platforms that use evidence-based medicine to help people optimize their health and wellbeing. For more information on SelfOptima’s wellness-focused technology solutions, contact: info@selfoptima.com